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Patient Letter

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Dear Patients 

The Practice would like to take this opportunity to thank all our patients and colleagues for their hard work and understanding in keeping everyone safe during the Covid 19 pandemic and beyond.

Canisbay and Castletown Practice, like many of our primary care and hospital colleagues, have had to adapt to better serve our population needs. The challenges have been to develop a fairer system for all our patients, offering improved access with different appointment options and meeting your clinical needs over the more traditional 'first come, first served' basis.

The practice continues to offer options with routine GP and nurse appointments. If you feel your condition requires an in-person appointment, we would gratefully request that you provide as much detail as possible to our reception staff. All information is treated with confidence and important to assist with your request. Certain conditions or symptoms may require priority for an in-person appointment. Depending on circumstance, you may be offered a telephone appointment first or be given advice to ensure you get to the best place sooner.

For any urgent conditions, the practice continues a same day triage service. Please remember that this is for urgent problems only and a GP or trained advanced practitioner/triage nurse may require to call you back at any point during that day. It is important to ensure that your contact details are up to date. If your concern is life threatening or an emergency, please use the emergency services and call 999. For out of hours assistance, contact NHS 24 on 111. 

The practice has also been offering direct services from allied health professionals. These include a physiotherapist for any muscular or joint concerns, a pharmacist for any medication queries and reviews including HRT or pill enquiries. The practice also has a mental health worker to provide direct and continued mental health support and a social care link worker for guidance and support to community help. Please contact the reception for more information or to book appointments.

For additional help with health conditions or to find out what to do and where to access further support, please visit www.nhsinform.scot or www.nhs.uk for more information

The practice wants our patients to seek help for their health and would encourage you to contact us if you require any medical guidance where our team can assist.

Canisbay & Castletown Group Medical Practice