Patient Results

From 2nd May 2022, we will be looking to make some changes to how your investigation results are communicated.

Instead of a letter which may take days to arrive, we will be switching to telephone result service.

  • For most blood tests, results will be available 4 days after your appointment.
  • For radiological tests, X-rays, ultrasound scans requested by the practice, please allow 10 to 14 days for report to be generated.

Simply call us between 2pm - 4pm, Monday - Friday and follow the options on our phone system to make an enquiry. Our reception team is highly experienced, however they are not clinicians therefore will not be able to answer queries related to the specifics of the tests.

If your test result requires more urgent action, the practice will contact you directly.

Should you have any conditions that may limit your access to this form of communication, please let our administrative team know, so we may assess and accommodate your individual needs accordingly.