A message from Dr Macleod

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Dear Patients

Sometimes doctors have to take the advice they would be giving out to patients, and I have found myself in this position recently, realising I need to be looking after my mental and physical health. I have therefore brought my retirement forward just a few months and do not expect to be returning to work before then. 

I am sorry that this means I will not be able to follow up patients whom I have asked to come to see me for follow up and I would ask those patients to make a telephone appointment with one of my GP colleagues or the Practice Nurse. If I have asked you to get in touch after a period of time to let me know how you are getting on there will have been a reason for that, so please do make that contact. 

It has been a huge privilege to live and work in this community for 23 years – I feel fortunate to have worked with such lovely patients who have been so supportive to the Practice.  I’d like to wish all of you and your families all the best for the future. 

Best Wishes 
Dr Wilma Macleod