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Patient Services

How to access...

You can book an appointment for the First Contact Physiotherapist without seeing the doctor first! Just call reception to arrange a time for the clinic held every Thursday at Castletown Surgery.

The First Contact Physiotherapist can help with shoulder, neck, back, wrist, hip, hand, elbow, knee, ankle and foot pain including sprains or pain on walking.

Find out more in the Patient leaflet here or view the full range of services here! You can also use the NHS Inform musculoskeletal Help App for quick access to information which can help you get back to normal quicker after a muscle, back and joint problem.

Non NHS medicals, the completion of application forms for driving licences, firearms, passports, insurance reports and claim forms, travel medication and immunisations incur a charge.

Details of these charges can be obtained from the reception desk at either surgery.

Services out with CCGP

Contact your local pharmacist for advice on ear wax.
You can also read more about how to treat ear-wax build up at home on the NHS website.

Contact your local pharmacist for advice on warts and verrucas.
Read more on the NHS website.

Sometimes it may not be necessary to see a doctor as some minor ailments can be alleviated by self help.
Visit the NHS Choices website for further advice.

Failing to turn up for an appointment – don’t be a DNA

A DNA is someone who Did Not Attend an appointment at the surgery and did not tell us beforehand.  As a result these appointments cannot be allocated to other patients who therefore have longer to wait for appointments, the doctor/nurse time has been lost and there is a potential risk to your health by not keeping appointments.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. 

If you fail to attend two appointments without informing us we will send you a warning letter that you may be removed from the practice list.

If you fail to attend a third appointment within 12 months of receiving the above warning letter, you may be removed from the practice list and will have to find an alternative GP.

Thank you for your co-operation, it is very much appreciated.

Text Reminder Service

We operate a text reminder service for routine appointments.
If we have 
your mobile number on record we will use this to send you a reminder.

If you would like to register for this service please ask Reception.
Please note text reminders will not be sent to patients under 16 years of age.



If you do not want to be reminded of your appointments with us, please call Reception (your usual surgery number) and let them know. Please note that no personal details will be sent in the text message. You will be able to cancel your appointment by following the instructions in the text. This system will not be used for marketing purposes but health related information only at this moment in time. This is in line with the Information Commissioner's current guidelines on data protection.

Text messages are sent out of hours so please remember technology issues may occur.

In the future we hope to be able to use this method of communication to let you know about other health related matters including when you are due a review, when our flu immunisation programme will start, etc. To do this we need your explicit consent. If you wish to be included in this for the future you need to sign our consent form (if you have not already done so) available here or from Reception.

Please note forms must be returned in person with appropriate ID.